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A little secret we’ve been keeping.

So we’ve been keeping a little secret.  The past 9 months or so we’ve been giving birth to something that is now growing by leaps and bounds and helping other people grow by leaps and bounds.

Our little secret is that… we’re now more just photographers.

It’s funny how things come back around full circle.  Way before I got into photography, I was a graphic designer.  Way before Stephen got into photography, he was a web designer.  Yet, our careers both led us to wedding photography, and it’s what we’ve been doing the past 6 or so years.  However, the past year, we’ve randomly had other small business owners come to us out of the blue saying “You guys are so good at branding!  Will you help me get a good looking website and a logo for my business?”  So, it literally fell in our lap.  We started designing logos and creating websites, and before even making this public announcement, we already have a full plate of design projects in the works.  On top of that, the client’s sites we’ve already launched in the past year, with the launch of their website and new branding we created for them, they are now busier than ever with new sales rolling in constantly!  One of our clients, Once Upon A Stylist, in addition to booking more weddings than she ever has, she is now a regular guest contributor on our local lifestyle news show, First Coast Living, all thanks to them Googling her website and the SEO work that Stephen did to put her at the top of “Jacksonville Wedding Hair Stylist”!  And one of our recent clients, Kellie Mae, who just launched her website, has already been featured on Yahoo! news, on a billboard in Times Square in New York City, and has an upcoming radio interview in the Portland area where her business is based.

Seeing the success of our clients grow so quickly upon the launch of their websites, we knew God was up to something trying to nudge us in a new direction with all these new clients and how we’ve been able to help them, so with this, we decided to create a new company that we’ve now launched called REmix Design & Media.

If you’re looking to create a web presence for your business, revamp a current website, need a logo design, better Search Engine Optimization, etc, we encourage you to take a look at our new website to determine if you are need of a remix.

—–>We’re already booked with current projects for the next month, but we’re currently accepting new projects to begin in early May.  Get on the project waiting list now through the contact form on the website!  This is not exclusive to those in the wedding or photography industry.  We love building new branding for all industries of businesses. We are currently working on sites for a commercial painter, a golf company, a hair salon, a non-profit organization, a church and more!  So don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can brainstorm up something unique for you and your business!

Also, we have a new Facebook page where Stephen will be posting social media tips, as well as showcasing our current projects.  Be sure to “LIKE” us at http://www.facebook.com/remixdesignandmedia.

*DISCLAIMER:  We are not stopping photography! This is just our new business we are doing in addition to photography.  Just didn’t want any mixed messages out there for current and new prospective photography clients and brides!  :-)



Kellene MaynardApril 8, 2013 - 12:23 pm

LOVE YOU GUYS! And am SO excited to see where God takes you on this new journey with ReMix!! You have such amazing talent in SO many areas! I know many businesses will be blessed with your services! Love you both!!

Bethany CoxApril 8, 2013 - 12:10 pm

poodle child. yes!! go you guys!!! congrats on the announcement!

Let us document your proposal!

Photo by Gavin Wade Photographers on the beach in Encinitas, CA.

One of the best things that we loved about our proposal was that it was documented by photographers!  It was so awesome to be able to look back and relive the moment over and over because Stephen was smart to hire photographers to photograph one of the most important moments in our lives.

We’ve recently teamed up with an awesome company who will help guys plan the perfect proposal from brainstorming to the set up the day of to having us photograph your special moment for you and your soon to be fiance.

The Yes Girls Events is a team of female wedding, anniversary and proposal planners. They love ALL things romance! They recognize the pressure it can be on gentlemen when it comes to “popping the question” or on a spouse trying to plan a truly romantic wedding anniversary. They are abundant in creativity, alleviate any worries men have while creating and planning their proposal, and assist men in making their customized and unique “She Said Yes” moment a flawless celebration.

The Yes Girls Events was founded in 2008 on the passion and life-long dream of our President, Heather Vaughn, the original proposal planner. Their event planning expertise, allows us to produce fresh and creative ideas for every proposal, wedding and client. The Yes Girls believe exceptional proposals, weddings and events are created by building relationships with our clients, so that every detail is communicated. Your event and planning experience will reflect you!

Heather and Kendall of The Yes Girls on a Travel Channel television show.

For more info on how to start planning your perfect proposal with The Yes Girls, click here:


Bridesmaids dress alternative

We’ve all heard it before when it comes to bridesmaids dresses:

“What you’ll love most about this dress is that you will be able to wear it again.”

Sure.  I love my girlfriends and all, but I’ve never been able to find another occasion to wear any of my bridesmaids dresses.  Not to mention the crazy costs that go into buying a dress that you didn’t pick out and getting it altered.  Geesh, it becomes expensive to be a bridesmaid!

So for our wedding, I wanted to do something different.  I really did want to give them a dress they could rewear, starting with, letting THEM pick out the dress.  I gave them a swatch, and a few style options and asked them to tell me what their favorite choices were.  I also didn’t want them to spend an arm and a leg for it, so where did I go?

Forever 21.

Yes, Forever 21.  No one’s dress was more than $30-$40.  My goal was to give them a fun and flirty date night dress.  I also let them pick out their own shoes and necklace.  I wanted it to be about them, what style they felt comfortable in, and to buy stuff they liked and could reuse.

No longer do you need to go only to a bridal store to find all your bridal parties outfits.  Even Stephen, he wore a suit from Express after the unflattering choices we found at a men’s tuxedo rental place.  So, you just never know what you will find at the mall for your wedding.

d’Vine cuisine

For our wedding in April, we had some really yummy food catered by D’Vine Cuisine.  I had shot a wedding that they catered and always remembered their shrimp and grits served in a cocktail glass.  We were truly impressed with Hope, the owner, as a our caterer and wanted to share her with other brides looking for a great person to take care of the food at their wedding.  We’ve interviewed her below and at the end, she’s also offering a special something exclusively for Scarlett & Stephen brides!

1.How did you get started?

Cooking and entertaining has been my passion since I was about 12 years old.

I am a second career person with my first career in insurance. My insurance background had provided a strong business knowledge along with sales and marketing. When I decided I needed a change, I worked for our church for 4 years doing the events and running the Christian Education program. I attended culinary school at that time. I had one of the best instructors…Chef Robbert Bouman from Holland…and French trained. He encouraged me to seek out catering so I worked for many of the best caterers in Jacksonville before opening my own shop. I shared kitchens at first but 3 years ago I was able to build out my own kitchen. Less than a year ago, I moved my office to Riverside in an old craftsman home. I came up with the name d’Vine cuisine as I wanted a name that reflected my church background …my grandfather was a minister…along with my name Hope. Mom is Faith and a sister named Joy.

2.What exactly do you offer brides?

I love catering weddings and rehearsal dinners. I met many great people in culinary school that now work for me. We have dishes, utensils and glassware for up to 300 people. This saves a bride and groom in rental costs. We can offer food from down home Southern cooking to formal classic French cuisine. The wedding/rehearsal dinner can be heavy appetizers, buffet, food stations, formal plated, french service, etc. If they can think it, we can do it.

3. Are there any creative trends you see in food for the upcoming Fall & Spring weddings?

For rehearsal dinners, we are offering themed dinner such as “Retro Fondue”, Pic Nic style with old fashioned mason jars, Gourmet Hot dogs (baseball fans), Backyard BBQ, Wine Tastings, etc. We are seeing a shift from buffets to formal plated dinners or a combination of both. We are doing more plated salads with food stations. Family style is increasing in popularity with the food being served at each table. Mini-dessert bars, Milk and Cookies, Circus Snacks (nuts, pretzels, raisins, etc) with paper cones, Candy bars are all interesting ways to end a wedding reception. We have even done a special ice cream in martini glasses when the cake was served. I think we are going to see more interesting slider bars, gourmet hot dogs and any type of food served in “paper cones”. Elaborate coffee bars and hot chocolate are a must! Don’t forget the cookies and marshmallows. Many brides are going natural with tree discs and branches every where.

4. What are key elements brides need to have in the perfect catering experience on their wedding day?

Great detailed planning a head of time and leave it up to the vendors you have hired on the big day. Brides need to relax and enjoy the day, it goes by so fast.

5. What’s the most extravagant event you’ve ever done?

Of course, it would be Scarlett and Stephen’s wedding. Flowers were everywhere. So many brides have cut out the expense of flowers but I still think they make the wedding. They had a wonderful meaningful ceremony in Scarlett’s mom’s backyard with a “Scarlett-tini” hand squeezed pink lemonade served with wonderful passed appetizers. I loved the separate area outside for the food buffet. It was decorated so lovely.

Also, we recently did one that was all “Silver”. Custom made table linens with rose fabric and different sized tables from round, to long banquet to large square…just lovely with an elaborate dessert station.

6. What are the benefits of hiring a catering staff?

My catering staff wants to be at the events. They have a passion for food and service. Restaurants and club staff are usually not career people in that field. It is their job while they work through college. Most of my staff is second career with culinary degrees. 

If a bride and groom of S&S books with d’Vine cuisine, we’ll offer a FREE passed appetizer for groups less than 50 and two passed appetizers for groups 100 and over. During the cooler months, we would love to offer hot chocolate and coffee bar!

The art of make up.


Paulina Perez is one of those people I can say “I knew back when.”  A few years ago, she and her husband modeled for a shoot I did, and she was just working behind a make up counter at the time.  She told me how she was she wanting to get into make up artistry for a living, and now all these years later, she has become one of the most popular make up artists in Jacksonville, worked with a handful of celebrities, and continues to be chosen by readers of Jacksonville Magazine as the #1 Make Up Artist in town each year.  It was so great to have her do my make up too for our wedding day and just relax knowing someone else was stressing about what would look good.  Another benefit to hiring a professional, I really loved too how she did the airbrush foundation on me, it’s the best coverage I’ve ever experienced to make my skin look flawless on our wedding day.  We chat about that and more in this video below for today’s Wedding Wednesday feature on the “Scarlett & Stephen Show“.  Also, for Scarlett & Stephen brides, Paulina is giving something special away, so tune in to see what goody she is giving away.