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Our love story in motion picture… Part 3!

In previous weeks, we blogged our love story video and our highlight wedding video. This week, we are concluding the video series with our honeymoon video! A week before our wedding, Stephen was like “We should go get a waterproof camera for all the tropical stuff in the water we’ll be doing.” We found a pretty cheap digital one at Target and it ended up being such a great addition to our honeymoon to be able to take not only photos, but video footage in the water too! We highly recommend getting one before your honeymoon or next vacation to a tropical island!

We put together some of our silly videos from the trip into this montage. We went to the Royal Plantation by Sandals in Ochos Rios, Jamaica and absolutely LOVED it! Not only was it an all inclusive, but it has a private mansion feel and it’s the only Sandals resort that came with a personal butler. Needless to say, we had fun thinking of all the different things we could use a butler for, such as fetching the peacocks and bringing us coconuts on the beach, ha!


Our love story in motion picture… Part 2

To continue on with our love story here on Married Life Monday, we bring you the highlight clip of our wedding day by our awesome cinematographers 4120. It was so much fun to go from being wedding photographers to then being a bride and groom ourselves.

The song used in the video is called “Beloved” by Tenth Avenue North and was our first dance song. We just love the analogy it talks about as Christ as our bridegroom and the way He views us as His beloved. If there’s anything I continue to repeat, it’s that true love IS worth the wait! I remember reading a book in college called “When God Writes Your Love Story” and all these years later, after many many years of waiting, watching this video each time, I am just blown away at how He has exceeded my expectations.

God is so good and loves to reward His children when we are obedient to His word and rest in the peace that He has great plans for our lives. There’s nothing more beautiful than the day that you place Jesus as the first love of your life, and then find someone who loves Him even more. As Stephen and I lifted our hands in worship during our ceremony as now husband and wife, and listened to the chorus of our loved ones behind us singing along, my heart melted at the small glimpse of how beautiful Heaven must be there worshipping Jesus in His presence. There is no greater love than that of our Lord and Savior and our greatest prayer is that you too can know the intimacy of His love as His beloved too.

Enjoy our video!

Scarlett & Stephen // Jacksonville, FL from FortyOneTwenty Inc. on Vimeo.

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Our love story in motion picture… Part 1


To start our newlywed series “Married Life Monday” here on the blog, we wanted to rewind and showcase a series of videos that tells the story of our love story. This week, we bring you our love story video that we included in our online wedding invites and played at our wedding. When I was a little girl, I used to watch TLC’s “A Wedding Story” and always daydreamed of one day telling my love story on camera of how I met my husband as a heirloom video to leave our kids one day. It was fun to hear Stephen totally wanted to do the same, so last July we filmed this video in his hometown of Coronado, California with our awesome cinematographers 4120. Enjoy!

Scarlett & Stephen // Love Story from FortyOneTwenty Inc. on Vimeo.