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Mission Office Makeover.

When we first moved in our house, I decorated a lot of the rooms… except our office.  Other than choosing a fun peacock feather color for the walls, we pretty much threw my old office furniture into the new room designated as the office, with no thought how to visually decorate the room.  You would think, it being the one room we spend the most time in, that I would have done something sooner, but it continued to be that overwhelming project sitting on the To Do list that I would get to “one day”.  Every day since then, I walk in the office and go, “Ugh, this needs a makeover.  I sooooo don’t feel inspired in here.”  And everyday, running a business, or traveling, or shooting, or whatever else got in the way and giving a makeover to the office stayed on the To Do list. .. until recently.  I finally had it.  Something needed to be done to turn our blah into something fabulous.

It began with a Photoshop design.  Literally.  As I windowed shopped online of what would look good in our office, I scrapped together this visual representation of how I hoped things could turn out… then I started ordering.  Slowly piece by piece arrived at the door, and I waited in anticipation until all the final pieces arrived to FINALLY put everything in it’s place that I imagined in my Photoshop design.  Stephen can atest to how awkwardly I jumped up and down when he put the first valence up with the black and white striped drape.  I seriously was as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning.  It was just such an exciting feeling seeing my Photoshop design come to life as I explored this other creative outlet I love through interior decorating.

So below are the un-fabulous BEFORE photos followed by the AFTER photos.  And yes, I know it turned out quite girly, but I’m so thankful to have a husband who said, “Do your thing, just show me where to sit with my computer and I’ll be happy with whatever you end up with.”  ha!

Welcome to a tour of Scarlett & Stephen Headquarters!  Look for a list is at the end of where I ordered all the furniture and decor items from!


Before, I literally taped up on a handful of client’s thank you cards, Save the Dates, Christmas cards, etc that they sent us.  I figured it was finally time to get a formal photo memo board to display their sweet notes.

My desk area.

More fun details!

Below to the right, we decided to turn one wall into one big dry erase board.  Now through something called Idea Paint, you can paint a wall just like a chalkboard wall, and we love having it as a place to simply brain dump ideas and notes.

Us at each of our desks doing our thing.  I handle customer service and album design, and Stephen rocks out the editing from all of our photoshoots.

Before you get to window shopping, leave me  note and tell me, what are some of your favorite furniture/home accessories stores/online shopping places?  I love discovering new websites and blogs to get inspired!  Tell me YOUR favorite inspirational decor spot on the web!


White vintage desk and valences

Custom Wall Decals

Pink chair

Chaise Sofa


Memo board (custom made)

Black and white curtains (custom made)

LOVE Pillows

Crystal Vase & Silver Vintage Cameras

annieSeptember 28, 2012 - 11:32 am

Its girly but yet, stephens picture doesn’t look girly at all. What a man to let you glam up that office! It looks fabulous! And look at you girl—-beautiful as always! LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

scarlettSeptember 12, 2012 - 1:23 pm

@Ashton-Our board wouldn’t be complete without you both! :-)

@Jessic-Thanks sweetie. Yeah, I had to make the compromise. You know how it goes in marriage, ha ha!

Jessica ChavezSeptember 11, 2012 - 6:49 pm

AWESOME!!!! I love how Stephen’s desk looks so manly and yours so feminine!! you absolutely rocked it!!!!! xoxo

Ashton KirkhamSeptember 6, 2012 - 10:37 pm

You guys did an AMAZING job on your office makeover. Of course, your entire house is just gorgeous… I loved seeing Michael and I on you custom memo board! So sweet that you cherish your thank you cards. xoxo

scarlettSeptember 6, 2012 - 9:21 pm

Thanks everyone! Truly means a lot!

@Candice- Look above at the shopping list. :-)

Candice WilliamsSeptember 6, 2012 - 8:32 pm

GREAT job guys! Looks amazing!!!! Where are the window valences from?

Dixie DobbinsSeptember 6, 2012 - 5:20 pm

I love it Scarlett! You have such a great eye! Is there anything that you cant do? And you look beautiful in the photo too! Also RHETT looks very happy and adorable! (and of course Stephen looks great all the time.) ENJOY your new beautiful work space!

Elizabeth BowdrenSeptember 6, 2012 - 5:10 pm

OMG you found ANOTHER thing you are absolutely phenomenal at: DECORATING!!! Holllaaa that is a beautiful renovation! :) Can’t wait to see it in person!

RobinSeptember 6, 2012 - 3:20 pm

lovely! you might like the app: HOUZZ

Lori Lee StottlemyreSeptember 6, 2012 - 2:55 pm

WOW I absolutely LOVE the new office space! I am a sucker for pink and damask so to me its all fabulous :) You should have a you tube channel and give out decorating tips for those of us who work from home :)


Melinda BunkerSeptember 6, 2012 - 1:49 pm

Hi S & S,
I am in LOVE and INSPIRED!!

vanessaSeptember 6, 2012 - 1:34 pm

WOW everything looks absolutely amazing!! you guys look great too!

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