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My first rebellious moment.

Bold colors I Instagrammed for a recent girl’s night out.

I’ll never forget the first time my mom caught me red handed… or shall I say, red lipped.

I was 4, maybe 5, and mom had stepped out of the house to do some errands while dad watched TV in the living room.  After the door shut, I sneakily ran to the bathroom and found her make up bag.  I knew she would kill me if I touched it, I knew I was too young to wear make up, but I couldn’t help but rebel our of curiosity in that moment.  I always watched mom put on make up and I wanted my chance to try it on too.  Afterall, my mom always looked so beautiful with her eyes and lips colored, and I’ve always wanted to grow up and be just like her.  So I dug in.

As I explored all the bright colors and smeared the bright red lipstick across my lips, my obsession with make up began from that young age.  I couldn’t wait to grow up and really get the chance to wear it… one day.  Until then, I had a blast painting the canvas of my face until mom returned home.  As she opened the bathroom door, I stood there like a deer caught in headlights waiting for her next breath as she evaluated my rebellion.

But she just laughed.

What I thought would turn into the worst spanking of my life, she just laughed.  She knew I was becoming every bit her daughter, ready to take on the world one shade of brightly colored lipstick at a time.

I’ve always found it funny when I meet women who are afraid to try out bright red or pink lipstick, because for me, I can’t imagine going through life without it.  It’s part an extension of the creativity that stirs inside of me, part wearing my courage on the outside, part a mask I hide behind as I try to conquer this scary world, part that little girl inside of me that still hopes to grow up and be as bold as my mom has always been living life to the fullest.

A few of you asked me on Facebook and Instagram (username: scarlettlillian) for a hints on how I did my make up recently for a girl’s night out.  Here’s the simple ingredients I used.  While I love to splurge on the expensive department name brands sometimes, this look was achieved via anything you could find down the Target make up aisles.

*Covergirl lipstick in Siren

*L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara 

*L’Oreal HIP Studio Secrets in Crystal

*MILANI Liquid Eyeliner


1.  When putting my foundation on, I always put it on my eye lids as well.  I feel like this always serves as a base to help the eye shadow stay on a long time.

2.  I smeared the gold side of the eye shadow on the whole base of my eye lid and under my eyebrows.  I always put a little bit more under the arch of my eyebrow to highlight that a bit more.

3.  I then put the teal side of the eyeshadow first on my eye lid, layering it slowly, then gradually move up to the bone right above my eye lid highlighting just the rim of where the bone is. It forms a natural “V” and is sometimes too harsh, so then I’ll take my finger that still has foundation on it, and smudge it over where the teal ends to blend it in better.

4.  I’ve tried SO many liquid liners, including overpriced name brands one, but found this MILANI one to be the easiest and longest lasting to apply.  It literally is like taking a marker and drawing it on your eye.  The tip is perfect so that it isn’t too bold of a line, yet fine enough to just put a hint on depending how dramatic you want to go.  I start on the outside corner of the eye and work my way in.

5.  Last but not least, apply 2 coats of mascara.  The Telescopic mascara wand is amazing for separating the lashes individually.  I love how I never get clumps with it.

6.  Then I applied my favorite hot pink lipstick that the fabulous Jacksonville make up artist Paulina Perez introduced me to when she did the make up for our promo video above.

Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite lipstick color is!  I always love trying new shades and brands!


Scarlett & Stephen Workshop Review from Myrtle Beach

For our first Scarlett & Stephen Workshop here in the states, we visited Myrtle Beach, SC on our way back from shooting a wedding in Greenville, SC.  We had a great time meeting the Southern photographers who attended as we spent the day sharing our hearts with them about everything from being just as passionate about running a business as photography, to SEO, to marketing and branding, and how we’ve changed our business model in the past year to generate more wall canvas prints hanging in our clients homes.  We had a gorgeous couple come model for us who got married 2 years ago.  It was sad to hear from them that their own wedding photographer wasn’t around to capture their First Dance, so we ended the shoot with playing their First Dance song on our iPhones to help them relive that moment to give them another chance to get some First Dance shots.

Here’s some of our favorite shots from the shoot, as well as some of the reviews that were posted afterward on the attendee’s Facebooks.  While we don’t have goals of becoming touring workshop photographers, we do love helping to share our knowledge in cities like Myrtle Beach where we were invited to host a workshop by the fabulous stylish children’s photographer Lindsey Mills.  If you are a photographer who is interested in hosting us in your hometown, and know about 5-10 local photographers who could benefit from it as well, please email Stephen at stephen@scarlettlovesstephen.com for info!

Happy Birthday Momma!

My momma in her 20s.  

To the lady I look up to the most.

To the lady who taught me to dream big.

To the lady who always stands in my corner and gives me the courage to take risks.

To the lady who refuses to settle for anything less than a grand adventure in life.

To the lady who is a cancer survivor and keeps on fighting.

To the lady who nursed my father in his remaining days carrying the strength for both of them.

To the lady who sets the example of how to live as a Godly woman clinging to His promises.

To the lady who has made this world a more divalicious place to live because she was born.

To the lady I call my mom, my best friend, my biggest cheerleader and my hero.

I simply want to say today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Momma!

Celebrating my mom’s birthday over the weekend!

How it all began.

While my hottie hubby Stephen actually went to photography school, I actually got my start IN front of the camera.

I don’t quite count the time my mom put me in modeling school when in middle school, but it all came back around in my mid twenties.  At the time I was in that mid twenties crisis trying to figure out who I was and what my purpose was in the world.  I was in the midst of doing freelance graphic design while in the other boat shooting wedding videography.  Through videography I met some really cool photographers, and one of them asked me to come model for a photographers get together down in Orlando.  I thought, sure, why not, I could tap into my middle school model days.  What girl wouldn’t like some glam photos of themself?

What ended up happening instead was… after seeing how cool their photos turned out and all the amazing things they did with light at a night shoot, something about photography intrigued me and I wanted to learn how they were able to take those cool shots.

So it began… the obsession.  After begging my parents for Christmas that all I wanted was a “real” camera, and scouring the Internet for anything I could find about how to learn photography, click by click, shoot by shoot, wedding by wedding, year by year… somehow I became a photographer.

Now 5 years later, I had the opportunity again to get in front of the camera for one of the most award winning, yet most humble and gracious, photographers in the industry, the Edmonsons, and model for a workshop they were doing in town.  I thought back to that place when I stood in front of a paparazzi of cameras, scared and nervous that there were THAT many cameras pointed at me, yet trying to pretend like I knew what I was doing… I thought back to when I stood there thinking and wondering what my future would hold and what plans and places God had in store for me.  But with this new shoot, I stood there thinking, wow, a lot has happened in 5 years.  I would have never guessed that in that time I would actually go on to be a photographer, travel the world, lose a parent, buy a house, get my dream car, get married, and stand here again in front of a group of photographers, still completely nervous all over again.

Though my life has turned out absolutely nothing like I imagined it would, both good and bad, I have learned through it all, that it truly IS about the journey, not the destination.  I have learned that things can come back full circle both having learned a lot, and still feeling clueless all at the same time.  I have learned that the greatest lessons in life come from walking through fear and realizing it wasn’t so scary afterall.  I have learned, with God, all things ARE possible if we give Him the room to exceed our expections.

Here’s a few fun photos that David and Luke shot of me in their workshop.  This was my bridal shower dress, and it was fun to get a chance to rewear it, despite feeling like half a cupcake, half a flamingo.  Either way, it was pink and I loved it!  :-)

DRESS/SHOES: Betsey Johnson COAT: Forever 21

MohamedDecember 2, 2012 - 2:58 am

- These are STUNNING, just wow! I always love your work, but these truly do have such a JC feel to them, Hope you LOVED your work shop, conragts on your win Couldn’t think of a more deserving winner!!!

Amy & Bill are married! /// Jacksonville Club Continental Wedding Photographer

When I first met Amy, she was in middle school always hanging around her big sister, Meredith, and I who were in high school at the time.  Through my friendship with Meredith over the years, I also got to know Amy, who you can always recognize through her beaming smile that lights up any room she’s in.  I was excited to hear that Amy’s soul met it’s match through Bill, who she met at church one night. I was even more excited and honored to have Stephen and I be asked to document their beautiful wedding day.  Though a tropical storm loomed near by with rain on and off throughout their day, and the ceremony having to be moved inside, nothing stopped Amy from keeping that signature smile on her face throughout her day.  Her and Bill’s wedding was such a Christ-filled and emotional day that left me in tears many times behind the camera.  The whole crowd was in tears as well when half way through the ceremony, when it came to Bill’s part to say his vows, he stopped, took off his jacket to reveal his t-shirt underneath that said boldly “I LOVE HER”, then got on his knee to take his bride’s shoes off and surprise her by wash her feet the way Jesus served His people.  Watching this, as Amy wiped away her tears of joy, I was so happy to see this oncee little girl I knew, end up with a man that was not only crazy about her, but put Jesus first in the foundation of their love and marriage.  And as I always say about God shining on wedding days, He was so good to clear up the skies long enough to take a few photos outside during the important parts of the day that we needed sunshine.

Here’s some of our favorites from their emotionally beautiful day.

CEREMONY/RECEPTION: Club Continental DJ: Jacob Towe CAKE: Let Them Eat Cake FLORISTFlowerama HAIR: Salon & Spa DRESS: Love Bridal Boutique

Jan TurpinJune 26, 2012 - 6:33 pm

What great pictures of Bill and Amy’s wedding! You did a great job capturing their special day!