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Our wedding got published in The Knot!

As a wedding photographer, it’s always cool to see the weddings we shoot get published for our brides and grooms.  Kind of like the cherry on top of an already beautiful celebration.  But recently, we found out our own wedding got published in the recent issue of The Knot Florida magazine.  It was such a surreal experience actually being a bride and groom in FRONT of the camera, and we’re so thankful for the awesome photos our friends Zach & Jody documented from our special day.  As we recently celebrated our 1-year anniversary, having our wedding published was an additional great celebration to our own beautiful day!

Cindy & Mike are engaged! /// Jacksonville Engagement Photographer

One night 8 years ago in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Cindy and Mike met through a mutual friend and hit it off while all hanging out together that night.  Since then, their jobs brought them to Jacksonville where they love having a glass of wine and taking in the beauty of the downtown lights from their balcony of their home.  Cindy said she wanted to document those lights in her engagement photos, so we had a fun night shoot with them around the downtown area.  Cindy and Mike, who is originally from Dominica, are looking forward to blending their families together in a beautiful Amelia Island wedding coming up later this year!

Here’s some of our favorites from their engagement shoot!

Joanna SullivanMay 12, 2012 - 3:30 pm

love the pics…. you should get all of them!!!

Liz AdamsMay 11, 2012 - 8:14 am

Beautiful pictures, Linda. Thanks for sharing. Your daughters are beautiful!!

Uncle JimMay 1, 2012 - 8:52 am

Like beautiful spring flowers … these pictures show your Love in Full Bloom … The night shots are especially romantic.
Patsy and I are excited about your wedding this December and witnessing your vows.

KathyMay 1, 2012 - 8:50 am

Love is in the air and it is certainly captured in these stunning photos!

MomApril 29, 2012 - 2:25 pm

Love the photos ~ love you!

MargaretApril 28, 2012 - 7:46 pm

Mike and Cindy the pictures are all beautiful!!!!! I especially like the face to face picture!!!!!!

BarbApril 28, 2012 - 3:47 pm

What beautiful pictures. It would be so hard to pick a favorite.
Cindy, you do favor your beautiful Mom. Congrats.

KellyApril 27, 2012 - 11:25 pm


A picture is worth a thousand words! I am so happy for you, cant wait to celebrate on your big day. Congrats again!

Patricia DrakeApril 27, 2012 - 10:29 am

The pictures are gorgeous and sophisticated. The love and respect in their expressions is heartening in these beautifully formed portraits.

YVETTEApril 27, 2012 - 9:05 am

Absolutely beautiful!

Grandma and Grandpa ParisApril 27, 2012 - 7:04 am

What great pictures of a happy couple in love.

ShamimApril 26, 2012 - 11:30 pm

Gorgeous pics Cindy & Mike!! You look great!! I love them all especially the black & white and night ones!! Can’t wait for the wedding!! :)

LisaApril 26, 2012 - 11:21 pm

Lovely photos! Cindy, I never realized how much you look like your mom!

LindaApril 26, 2012 - 10:17 pm

CONGRATS! love the pictures.

LindsayApril 26, 2012 - 8:44 pm

You both look gorgeous! These are beautiful photos! Love, love them!

SaidiaApril 26, 2012 - 7:54 pm

The pics are amazing!!!!!! Mike and Cindy, you guys make a great couple!!!!!

CindyApril 26, 2012 - 7:23 pm

Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing, Linda. She looks just like her mom – beautiful! How exciting for you all.

SANDYApril 26, 2012 - 7:04 pm

WOW….you two look amazing!! Congratulations!

GaryApril 26, 2012 - 7:02 pm

Great shots! They are all so good it is hard to pick a favorite!

Janel SchneiderApril 26, 2012 - 7:02 pm

Awesome, awesome!!! Congrats!

LindaApril 26, 2012 - 3:42 pm

Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple! What an exciting year this is!!!

Mary HolalyApril 26, 2012 - 2:31 pm

Cindy – you look absolutely AMAZING and so in love! I’m so happy for you both. Wonderful pictures – I love them.

ReneeApril 26, 2012 - 10:17 am

Stunning Cindy and Mike!!!!! You guys looks amazing, love the blue dress Cindy LOL I was with you when you bought it ;) ~

XOXOX so happy for you both,

Renee (and Pete)

NevenaApril 26, 2012 - 10:11 am

You both could be on a cover of a magazine. The photographer did an amazing job. I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. AMAZING!!!!

SarahApril 26, 2012 - 9:38 am

Cindy I love the pictures! Especially the one with the city and the full moon in the background!!

LaurieApril 26, 2012 - 9:25 am

These pictures are beautiful, Cindy! We can’t wait for the wedding!!!

RachelApril 26, 2012 - 7:44 am

I love your pics! Can’t wait for your big day.

valerieApril 26, 2012 - 1:58 am

The photos turned out so cute!! Looks like you were having a good time. Can’t wait for the wedding.

StephanieApril 26, 2012 - 1:38 am

Awesome pics!! You guys look great – can’t wait for the big day :)

EmilyApril 25, 2012 - 11:40 pm

Cindy and Mike!!! These are so cute, I can’t wait to see the full portfolio. You guys make a handsome couple!

CindyApril 25, 2012 - 11:22 pm

LOVE, LOVE! You guys are awesome! Thanks!

Australia, here we come!

This time next week we’ll be arriving in Australia to shoot the fabulous wedding of this sweet couple I met in Europe in 2010, and had the privilege of shooting their proposal and engagement pictures in Venice, Italy.

We’re also getting super excited because it will mark the launch S&S Workshops in both Sydney and Adelaide!  This past weekend Stephen and I spent time finalizing over 200 slides full of lots of business goodiness that we are excited to start sharing with not only the Aussies, but with photographers here in the states in the upcoming summer months in both Dallas and Myrtle Beach!

In our new S&S Workshops, we’ve revamped everything Stephen and I have done in the past individually to now offer an in-depth day long workshop helping you to run a profitable photography business. We’ll be covering topics such as:

*Branding Yourself For Your Ideal Client
*Selling Prints in a Digital World (Successfully!)
*SEO and Does It Really Matter?
*Lightroom Efficiency
*Wedding Day Shooting & Posing
*And so much more!

For Australians, there’s still time to reserve a spot before registration cuts off this Friday. As of right now, we don’t have plans to return to Australia, so don’t miss this 1-time opportunity.  Reserve your seat here!

We’ve been doing a few 1-on-1 “Spend A Day With Scarlett & Stephen” mentoring up until now, and here’s a few reviews about what you can expect to take away from our upcoming workshop!

“I had been wanting to change my sales approach for a while. I had been letting the clients view their images online, enjoying them for a week or so (thinking I was giving them time to decide what they wanted to order) then having them come to my house for the ordering session. WRONG!!  Scarlett & Stephen taught me how to sell the right way. I had nothing to lose by giving my latest family session a try at in home sales. I tried to put just one of their ideas I had read into practice. ‘Remember I am there to serve not to sell.’ This idea really did take all the anxiety of selling away. The client & I came to the conclusion together that the wall she wanted 4 canvases! The hard part was over and it was actually Fun! She hired me because she trusted me to bring her vision to life. By the time we the order together my sale was at $2,200.00! I can’t wait to improve my in home experience by adding more ideas from Scarlett and Stephen and maybe a few of my own!” ~Tracy Dee, Tracy Dee Photography

“It was AMAZING!!! Thank you both so much. I’m excited, challenged and inspired.” ~Hannah Cooper, Hannah Joy Photography

If you are ready to learn how to grow your love of photography into an actual business beyond just an expensive hobby, sign up here!


Autumn LeeApril 24, 2012 - 12:31 am

My hubby is from Adelaide!! Have a wonderful and safe trip!

The day I didn’t imagine.

I’m starting to realize, my life has turned out nothing like I imagined it would.

I never imagined I would marry a younger guy.

I never imagined my dad wouldn’t live long enough to walk me down the aisle.

I never imagined I would be “in my 30s” and still not a mom like some high school friends I see on Facebook that have 3 and 4 kids already.

I never imagined I would be such a work-a-holic as a business owner when I simply imagined being a stay at home wife and mom.

I never imagined I would end up a wedding photographer when my whole growing up life I did imagine being an architect.

I never imagined my husband and I would end up on the cover of a magazine.

I never imagined…. well…. a lot of things.

And on our 1-year anniversary on Monday, I never imagined I would spend it sick as a dog in bed, only to drag myself out to go to the doctor and then the accountant to pay Uncle Sam what he is due.

And then the following day, I wanted to blog about our 1-year anniversary, but I never imagined instead I would be using that day to attend the funeral service of a dear 96-year-old friend who was the very reason I came to know Jesus when I was 13.

As I sat through her funeral, and stood up to give a reading in front of the very baptismal where I was baptized as a teen, I began to think of all these ways that my life ended up nothing like I imagined it would when I used to sit in those pews each Sunday morning and imagine what my life would be like as an adult.

Yet, the irony of it all is, I know that’s exactly what you give up when you become a Christian.  You give up the plans you have for your life and surrender to the greater plans God has for your life.  We don’t always understand the purpose of His plans, why He gives and takes away, or why you end up going down a completely different path than you ever imagined, but despite it all, I wouldn’t trade God’s love, hope, strength and peace, for anything.

And despite not being able to kiss or hug Stephen on our anniversary, he still went out of his way to surprise me with a special at home fondue dinner accompanied by a display of our vows and the sweetest words written in a special card.  And though I didn’t have a stitch of make up on, and wasn’t dressed up, and was coughing through most of the dinner, all I could think when I looked at his smile through dinner was:

“This day turned out nothing like I imagined…. it was better.”


Michaela RaeMay 2, 2012 - 8:30 am

This is really sweet, and so true, life is one big adventure! It’s crazy to look back on how it is and isn’t like we imagined it would be. How sweet of your hubby to surprise you with fondue, yum!

Rachael BeverlyApril 20, 2012 - 1:02 am

What a beautiful post! First of all, I hope you are feeling better and Happy Anniversary. Secondly, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being at my grandmother’s funeral to honor her. You and your mom meant so much to her!
I have looked at your website and I can tell God planned this path for you. You are so talented!

Rachael Beverly

We’re on the cover an Australian Magazine!

Wow.  I admit, with my past history working in magazine journalism, I never thought I would see the day where Stephen and I were the ones on a cover of a magazine.  With our upcoming trip to Australia to shoot a wedding, we were asked by Rise Magazine, a Christian Australian magazine, to be the showcased cover story for their current magazine this month. It was an extreme honor to be asked to talk not only about our photography business as a husband and wife team, but also about our faith and how we incorporate that into how we run our business as well as our marriage.  In the interview, they also asked me a little bit about my book, Prosper, a prayer devotional I’ve written for other photographers.

You can read the full interview below!

scarlettJune 29, 2012 - 2:50 pm

@Spencer- Thanks!!

@Samantha- Soooo funny that we share the same wedding date! :-)

Samantha JuneJune 28, 2012 - 5:02 pm

Hi! I just stumbled across your blog today and LOVE it so far! And then I saw that we have the same wedding date!! My husband and I were married 4/16/11 as well :) I am in the process of attempting to slowly start my own photography business…thanks for all the great advice!

SpencerApril 13, 2012 - 7:54 pm

That’s so great guys!! Great interview and cover image!!