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Birthday wishes came true.

A few birthday party photos from my iPhone and Instagram.

This year, for my birthday, which I also share with Christmas, Stephen kept asking me what I wanted for both.  Normally, I have my list of those few key things I’ve been drooling over all year.  Normally, I have those wants that aren’t needs but they sure would be nice to have.  But this year, I drew a blank.  I honestly couldn’t think of anything I wanted for Christmas or my birthday, because, honestly, this year, I felt so fulfilled.   I felt so content.  I felt so complete.  I felt so grateful for all that I already have in my life.  And I just didn’t neeeeeeed anything else really.

Yet, because of the amazing husband Stephen is to me, he still wanted to plan a birthday party with his sister while we were visiting her family for the holidays.  So I let him, because, I’m never one to turn down an opportunity to eat cupcakes. Or wear a tiara.

With my birthday falling on Christmas, he planned the party for the following day.  While I was locked me in our guestroom, outside, Stephen was in the kitchen and living room turning them into a pink Princess party. So what that I was turning 31, it’s never too late to be a Princess.

I came out of the room to a big SURPRISE from my new family including my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, and their three adorable kiddos.  It was a great night of lots of pink, lots of cupcakes, and lots of love.  I couldn’t think of a more magical way to celebrate my birthday.

p.s. We’re still on holiday vacation until January 9, and will answer all emails when we are back in the office then!

Merry Christmas!

It’s our 1st Christmas together as a married couple, and we hopped on a plane to visit family in Seattle.  After a busy 2011, we are taking time off during the holidays to rest, relax and recharge for an amazing 2012 ahead. We will back in our office on January 9, but first, we wanted to wish you all our best for this blessed hoilday season.  Whether you are a client, colleague, friend of family, thank you for being with us on the journey. May all your Christmas wishes come true!

Atlanta Wedding Photographer

A few years ago, we met Victoria at Tiffany & Charles’ wedding when she was a bridesmaid.  I remember hitting it off with her so much that I told her (half kidding) I wanted to be her wedding photographer when that point came for her and Chris.  I was excited to hear from her again earlier this year when she got her ring and started planning her Atlanta wedding.

It was a brisk chilly December day, complete with fur shawls and all, and one of those days where it felt like one thing after another kept going off the normal plans, such as getting to the chapel and realizing the rings were missing!  But every time I looked at Victoria, she just had a big smile on her face and didn’t care because she just couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle to Chris, even if it meant pushing the ceremony back until the rings were found.  Thankfully, her bridesmaids found them, and as Victoria graced down the chandelier covered covered aisle with her momma, I know Chris would agree, seeing Victoria was worth the wait.

Stephen and I enjoyed traveling to Atlanta to shoot this wedding and celebrating their special day with them and their family.  Here’s some of our favorite shots from their beautiful day! And we’ll also be posting a few pics on our Facebook page, so be sure to “like” our page as well!

CEREMONY: Wieuca Road Baptist Church RECEPTION Capital City Country Club FLORIST: Andy Beach CAKE: Frosted Pumpkin MAKE UP: Angela Castonzo HAIR: Van Michael Salon Buckhead DRESS: Custom made at La Raine’s Bridal Boutique SHOES: Jimmy Choo BAND: The Flavor  CINEMATOGRAPHER: Joel VanZ

Jacksonville Family Photographer

It started with their wedding in 2008 that I shot, and now each year I have gotten to watch their family grow and document their new additions.  Sarah & Brian were down back this way for vacation where they got married, and Stephen and I had a blast meeting up with them in Fernandina Beach to take some new photos of their precious Elle & Eli and updated family photos for them.  Though we love being their family photographer, I secretly love that it gives me an excuse to have a reunion with previous wedding clients who I feel so privileged to call friends too!  Here’s some of our favorites from the shoot!  And be sure to like our Facebook page to see a few more favorite shots!

My Christmas miracle.


Snapshot of my beautiful momma and I from my Instagram!


It was the call I never thought I would have to get again.  I was in the midst of a normal work day here in my office and I see my mom’s name light up my iPhone.

“Hey momma!” I answered.

“Hey…….” long pause.  I knew immediately by the tone of her voice, it wasn’t good news.  ”I just got back from my check up.”  This is a check up she does every 6 months as she now goes into 7 years of being cancer free.  ”They found a lump.”

My heart dropped.

And tears filled my eyes instantly.

I can’t take losing another parent, I immediately thought.  It’s just like me to always go straight to the worst.  I think I get that part from my dad, in that way he always looked out for, as he called it, the “boogers in life.”  Even though it’s been almost 3 years since cancer ended his life, some days, most days, it still feels like yesterday.

As she went on to describe, the lump is also in the side that she had a mastectomy on.  Really?  It has to be on THAT side.  Geez, make me worry even more.

Then in true “let’s take our time” fashion the medical world seems to go by, they were making her wait over 2 weeks before she could get in to do a MRI to find out if the lump is just that, or cancer. Ironically, her MRI was scheduled for the day before my dad’s birthday. And 5 days before mine on Christmas.  Couldn’t God have chosen any other time than this holiday season to drop this bomb on us?

As strong as my faith has grown to be over the years between almost losing my mom the first time as she survived level 3 breast cancer, to then a few short years later losing my dad to level 4 lung cancer, I just found myself crippling under this latest test of faith.  I know God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, but COME ON!  THROW ME A BONE HERE!

So I did what I only know how to do, I surrounded myself with other believers and their prayers to be our strength in the gap.  Lots of text messages, phone calls, emails, Facebook messages, Instagrams, the prayers came pouring in.  So I clung to that, and I clung to bible verses like Mark 5:34, “Jesus said to her, ‘Dear woman, you are made well because you believed.  Go in peace; be healed of your disease.’”  And once again, my faith, and the love of others, got me through.

Earlier today, Stephen and I joined my mom at the doctor’s office to hear the results.  Those old familiar hallways I thought I would never have to visit again with her, but alas, here we were, holding God’s hand, and each other hands, and I with Stephen’s hand, as we walked toward another uncertain future.  I remember just hugging my mom in the elevator as we approached the top floor, and remembering all over again how she became my hero the year she fought her fight the first time in 2004.

As we sat in the room waiting, the nurse came in and asked my mom, “Do you have any new concerns today?”  There was a huge silent moment as I think I, Stephen and my mom just wanted to yell “WE JUST WANT RESULTS!”  But my mom, in all her graciousness, simply replied, “Um, no, I’m fine, thank you,” and then as the nurse left, my mom continued with her usual, “Have a heavenly day,” that she tells everyone who crosses her path.  Her strength, I swear, to have just an ounce of that.

Then the doctor comes in, and the first she says is, “I have good news.”

Immediately, my heart sank again and tears filled my eyes.  I knew with that that my mom was going to be ok!

The doctor continued to explain how my mom’s MRI showed no signs of cancer, but wants to continue to keep an eye on every 6 months like usual.  After the doctor left, I immediately jumped up and grabbed her and Stephen’s hand and initiated our cheezy circle dance, a tradition my dad started whenever we encountered any sign of success in life.  And though my dad wasn’t here to dance with us this time, I couldn’t help but feel like he was still up there in Heaven looking out for the “boogers” for us.

From the bottom of my heart, to all who joined me in prayer, I just want to say again how thankful I am to have you in my life, for being a friend, for being brothers and sisters in Christ believing with me that with God, all things ARE possible! And with that, I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas miracle.