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Conquering fear.

With this Halloween season with haunted houses meant to scare you , I’ve been thinking a lot about fear.  Am I afraid of haunted houses?  No.  Do I like them?  No.  I just don’t like putting myself in a situation where I purposely try to scare myself.  The same reason I don’t watch scary movies.  I have enough fear in my life, and I don’t get the point in creating more.

The other night, I had a dream about all of this that I can’t seem to shake.  It was one of those dreams that just sticks in your head and you try to analyze the significant meaning.  While some dreams wake me up and I’m like, “Where the world did that come from?”, some dreams, I take kind of seriously because I totally believe God speaks through dreams as He did all over scripture to some people.  It’s been crazy how in the past, I’ve even known some people were pregnant before they told me because I had a dream about it.  So yeah, I take dreams very seriously because I know there is greater message to be learned sometimes.

My dream the other night went something like this… (If this were a therapist office, this would be me laying on the couch as I ramble on….) The part I didn’t take very seriously was, I was in a Harry Potter kind of world.  I’ve never seen Harry Potter and don’t believe in witchcraft, but stick with me.  In the dream of this magical world, there was a magic wand you had to get as the goal of taking you from this world to the next.  I knew getting the magic wand was the goal, but most of the dream took place in this world.  For most of the dream, I was stressing about all the things I had to wrap up in this world.  It was a To Do List of things I had to finish before leaving this world behind.  I remember constantly saying “Wait, I need to do this… and wait, I need to do that… hold on, this has to be done.”  I think half the dream was procrastination because I was scared of letting go of this world and entering a whole new world.  You know, the whole fear of the unknown.  But alas, I finally wrapped up what needed to be done and  I walked toward my future.  I finally obtained the magic wand and I was ready for the Hollywood time warp to take us into the next world.

But nothing happened.

Then some Grand Head Wizard appeared and told me congratulations.  And I was so confused.  ”Nothing happened, nothing changed, why are you congratulating me?” I asked.

“Because you did what a lot of people can’t.  You put your past behind you and you conquered your fears.”

Whoa, wait rewind.

“You put your past behind you and you conquered your fears.”

I woke up with my head spinning.  What in my past do I need to put behind, and what fear do I need to conquer?  I knew there had to be some deeper meaning to what God was trying to tell me through that bizarre dream.

After much over analyzing in my head in that way I do about everything, I finally figured it out.  While I won’t get too specific, because yes, I know fear can be a horribly personal topic, I did want to post that question here on the blog to ask you to think about.  I don’t expect you to leave a comment and share all your vulnerable fears, but ask yourself.  Think about it.  Marinate on it.  What from your past do you need to finally put behind you, and what fear do you need to conquer?  I’m not talking sky diving or something superficial.  I’m talking a deep in the gut, paralyzing thing?  Maybe it’s finally taking a step toward turning your dream into a reality, and that fear of failure or fear of success.  Maybe it’s forgiving someone you’ve held a grudge against, and that fear they won’t return the same forgiveness.  Maybe it’s showing the world how brilliant of a person you are that you have been holding back for fear of rejection if the world really saw who you are made to be.  Maybe it’s making a big purchase you have been saving for but your fear of commitment prevents you from moving forward.

Whatever your fear, let’s make a commitment to each other to conquer it.  I believe you can.

Interview with Mike Colon

What I love about Fotog Friday is that it’s our time as photographers to give back to other photographers, and share what has helped us along the way on our journey to have the best job in the world.  Someone that has had a huge impact in my career is California photographer Mike Colon.  Five years ago when I was making the switch from wedding videography to wedding photography, I purchased a DVD that opened my eyes to the possibilities of what could be.  Ok, rewind, I begged my mom to buy it for me as a Christmas present because I wasn’t quite in a place to buy it for myself.  But she bought it for me because she believed in me, and she wanted to invest in helping me make my photography dreams come true.  That video was called “How To Reach the High End Bride” by Mike Colon.  At the time, the concept just seemed like a carrot in front of my nose, but it’s exciting to look back 5 years and see how now Stephen and I are shooting our own high end weddings.  And I love to give credit to Mike Colon for being one of the first to inspire me toward that goal.

Because of it, Stephen and I wanted to feature him here on our blog and give-a-way a copy of his latest DVD “On Location With Mike Colon: Jamaica”.  In the video we talk about:

*How Mike got started

*What gear he uses

*Why he chose the high end market

*Natural light vs. artificial light

*How he broke into destination weddings.

Enjoy the video, and be sure to check out details below on how to win your FREE copy of his new DVD!

Win a FREE copy of Mike Colon’s Workshop DVD “On Location with Mike Colon: Jamaica“!

Step 1) Comment below with briefly saying what you learned from the video

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One winner will be selected at random & notified on Wednesday November 2nd, 2011.

EDIT: Congratulations to the winner Damaris Mia!!! Thanks to everyone for participating! 

Remembering our vows.

Stephen and I knew from the beginning, we wanted to write our own vows.  I, the one who always tries to plan ahead, wrote my vows around the October before our April wedding.  Stephen, who was waiting to “feel” the right things to say, wrote his vows about 1 week before our April wedding.  Regardless of when they were wrote, both were heartfelt and so special as we spoke them to each other on the day we vowed our love and dedicated our lives to one another for the rest of our days.

Then “they lived happily ever after” becomes the reality of being married, and of course, as two people try to merge their worlds, conflict comes up.  One night, as an issue arose, I wanted to avoid the conflict because that’s how I naturally deal with conflict.  I was fine going to bed and just forgetting about it and turning my back to him as we tried to fall asleep.  But then he said those words that I hated to admit he was right:

“We said in our vows that we would never go to bed angry.”

Ouch.  I did say that, didn’t I?  So with that, I rolled over back toward him and kept my word.

After that, to help keep ourselves accountable to what we promised each other in our vows in front of all of our friends and family, we decided to print our vows and hang them on a wall we pass all the time in our house.  So, right there, in front of us, we could continue to read them and never forget the foundation of what our marriage is built upon.

Do you remember what you said in your vows?  Even if you didn’t write them for your wedding, it’s never too late to write new ones and frame them.  Or even if you are single and still waiting for that perfect one for you, what kind of marriage do you envision having?  One thing I did in my single years was write a “Relationship Manifesto” of everything I was believing God for that I would have in a marriage one day.  It was so awesome to have that blueprint of what helped lay the foundation of what I would one day vow to my husband.

St. Augustine Wedding Photographer

Sometimes a couple just rocks your camera.  You could swear they are secret supermodels, but instead, they are just two people crazy in love with each other who have amazing chemistry.  Amber & Jimmy are that.

What started out as a bad forecast with a little drizzle, the day cleared up in that way that I’ve always noticed God shines on wedding days and parts the rain clouds around ceremony time.  We had so much fun prancing Amber & Jimmy around downtown St. Augustine, even walking them into a huge street festival where the whole street applauded them, whistled and took their own tourist photos.  Yeah, we kind of did that on purpose.  Because our couples deserve to feel like rockstars on their wedding day.

The thing we loved most about their reception was, they chose to party and dance the night away before the food was even presented.  With most of their family coming from up North to celebrate Amber and Jimmy’s special day in St. Augustine, they were ready to get their dance on.  The perfect opening to the night was when Amber and Jimmy, both in the Navy, surprised guests with a special grand entrance march, and Jimmy in his uniform and medals.  But while they kept the serious military face for a second, soon the music broke out and they had everyone dancing on the floor with them to celebrate the rest of the evening in style.

Congrats Amber & Jimmy!  Here’s our favorites from the day and all their fabulous vendors!

CEREMONY: Prince of Peace  RECEPTION: The OC White Room, St. Augustine  MAKE UP: Paulina Perez  HAIR: Mandi Adams  DRESS: Her mom’s  VEIL: Fascinating Creations  FLORIST: The Conservatorie  CIGAR ROLLER: Julio  CAKE: Sweet Weddings