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Featured on Bridal Musings! // Florida Wedding Photographer

We’re so honored to be featured on one of London’s most exquisite wedding publications, Bridal Musings! Scarlett captured Esther & Jesse’s wedding in St. Petersburg, FL last year. We’re so excited to see their wedding come back to life through this amazing publication. They broke the wedding down into two amazing parts this week and told the story of the day from Esther’s wonderful perspective.

See the feature for yourself at BridalMusings.com

Part 1

 Part 2

Something out of Nothing

Right after we got married, we became interested in having a garden & bird feeder, after inspiration from our good friend Mike Larson. The garden grew, produced a few strawberries, tomatoes, then it was attacked by an army of green caterpillars. No more garden. The bird feeder however, was successful. A wide range of birds have visited our feeder. Even a few squirrels have called it home too.

Then, we got busy, it got really hot outside and we didn’t refill the feeder. The leftover old seeds stayed in the feeder and got so old and crusty, no birds wanted it. Finally, this week I went on a trip to Lowes to get some new feed. The birds are back.We enjoy watching them eat as we also, eat our meals at the table. But the real amazing thing in all of this is, the old seeds that collected nothing but drops of rain have now erupted into sprouts. I’m not sure what we’re actually growing. I guess its round #2 at the garden? There is no soil, no miracle grow. Just seeds. Growing day by day.

This made me understand something relevant with Jesus. He proved to us that he can truly create something out of nothing. Yes there were old seeds present but any gardener will tell you that you need soil, water, vitamins in the soil, TLC. God showed us that HE can do things HIS way, his rules, his system and even if its hard to figure out how a mini-garden is growing in a bird feeder. It’s easier to understand and put faith into perspective that God can do it.

Is there something you are trying with all your strength to believe God for?  You might not be able to see it, but God does, and He knows He can create something out of nothing.  He just asks us to have faith.  Look at it like the sprouts in the bird feeder. I didn’t even try to plant a garden in the bird feeder, it just happened on its own. I allowed God to take control by not worrying about it and he preformed something amazing. Think about it.

Hebrews 11:3

“It is by faith we understand that the whole world was made by God’s command so what we see was made by something that cannot be seen.”

GustavoNovember 29, 2012 - 6:10 am

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Brielle & Paul are married! // Amelia Island Wedding Photographer

Brielle had waited a long time for this day, not only because she was marrying her best friend, but because, she finally got to make her own wedding cake.  As a lead baker at Omni’s Amelia Island Plantation, she is used to making other people’s wedding cakes, but for her own day, she created a 3 tiered ribbon fondant cake that was super yummy!

Paul, also an event manager at Ritz Carlton, has helped host many weddings, but was excited to now be part of his own wedding.  Both Brielle and Paul actually met at Ritz Carlton when Brielle was a pastry intern underneath Paul’s baker position at the hotel.  Paul found a way to make sure he was the one training Brielle, and a week later, he asked her out.  They have been together ever since, followed by a beach proposal!

Here are some of our favorite shots from the day!


VENUE: Omni Amelia Island Plantation Walker’s Landing

HAIR/MAKEUP: Serenity Hair Colous & Design 904.321.3454

CAKE: Brielle the bride! Email: chefbrielle@gmail.com

DRESS: Ella Essence

DJ: Will Deaton, Resort Talent 

FLORIST: Anything With Plants

Can you hear me?

Stephen & I walking on the beach.
Sometimes I feel like being married is like that annoying cell phone commercial, “Can you hear me?  Wait, can you hear me now?”  Stephen and I have been learning a lot about the difference in talking vs. communicating.  Just because we are with each other all day in the office working, and hanging out at night, yes, we’re talking to each other, but what we’re learning is that it doesn’t necessarily mean we are communicating.  We’re having to learn to be open with our feelings and that includes saying things that might hurt, but yet, needs to be said, to help us grow closer as man and wife.  We’re realizing that God has given us each other to be a mirror for each other of areas we each need to grow in individually.  For example, for me, I’ve always had a hard time being vulnerable and addressing hard topics.  As an only child, I have always tended to internalize my angst and try to resolve it myself.  Or I would much rather run from conflict than address it head on.  I blame it on the fact that I never had siblings to fight with growing up, ha! But with Stephen and his loving example, I am learning to trust that he is a safe place I can be open with my communication, and that in the end, it’s better to get things out in the open and work on them, than keep them bottled up festering more anger and unforgiveness.

We’re also learning to not have expectations or assumptions, but to clearly and verbally communicate.  For instance, over the weekend, he had worked 3 hard hours on his Madden video game to work toward the Superbowl.  He got up to clean the kitchen, so as I left the living room, I turned his game off .  To me, I “assumed” he was done and was a tad annoyed because I “expected” him to turn the game and TV off when he was done.  Instead, Stephen had a mini freak out session because he wasn’t done, he was just taking a break and I hadn’t saved his game.

“Oh my gosh, you just lost my game!” Stephen said freaking out.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know,” I said back.

“Why didn’t you just ASK me first before you turned it off?”

“I don’t know, I just assumed you were done.”

“I wasn’t, please ask me next time before you turn something off!”

And with that, I realized, it was another example of us not communicating well.  He was right, I didn’t ask, I just assumed.  The good news is, for Stephen, when he turned the game back on, it had autosaved, so all his hard work wasn’t lost.  But I was glad to have that moment arise to remind me of another area I can communicate better in with my husband.

Relationships are hard work.  Whether you are married, dating or engaged, I’m learning, it is always a growing process.  But I love that God uses our earthly relationships to ultimately teach us about our relationship with Him.  Sometimes I feel exactly the same with Him, sure, I’m talking to Him, but am I really communicating with Him? And am I pausing long enough to listen to what He has to say as well?

How will the new Facebook changes effect you?

You probably already know about it now. Mark Zuckerberg once again has introduced new features. Actually, from my perspective, Facebook now IS the internet. Over the past two years, little things have released that have helped us stay connected. Video Calling, the “share” button on your blog, bigger image viewing, new tagging features, introducing the “heart attack” of last week known as the “ticker”. As I came to think of it last night, I thought back to when I got my facebook profile for the first time. I was just leaving MySpace, my friends got invited to Facebook and all it did was after I left High School, allowed my friends & I to continue a conversation. It was a messaging system.

Yesterday morning. I got to my desk and went to work. I soon found out from a friend that F8, Facebook’s annual keynote was live. I tuned in. As I chuckled out loud to the impersonation by the amazing Andy Sandburg. Shortly after, I soon was opened to the new world of what is “Timeline“. No, timeline isn’t that new ticker everyone hates on their page.. It’s the new way to view your life. I installed it from here and I started to find ways to use it for our business & life. Shortly after, my friend also installed the update. Conversations started on how we could use this within Photography emerged. Here are a few of my thoughts on how it can be useful.

1) If you’re like many, you most likely tag your clients in their wedding photos. If you’re a film photographer you’ll understand the power of the term, Archival Print. Facebook just became Archived. A few months after your client is tagged in their images, many posts bury that down, becoming hard to find the pictures on their wall. Now, in timeline, their friends scroll to the year they were married and behold, facebook can mark their wedding as a “featured” event. Now, their images are one of the main items in that time period. More features for your images!

2) Applications. They’re driven by an engine called the “graph”. One way I’ve tested it last night was with our friend Kevin Swan. Kevin uses Spotify. I use Spotify. Facebook understands that we both do. Like before, you would be asked when using an App if you want to “publish” the app to your wall? Not anymore. Kevin started playing an album by 3 Doors Down. Spotify guessed I’d like that music, as I do. It showed in my news ticker next to my new profile. I clicked on the song and the song instantly played ON facebook. I continued to surf facebook, chat with friends, update my status, all why I was listning to music WITH Kevin. At the same time, Facebook now started to recommend me songs Kevin & I both may enjoy. As a photographer, why is this good for you? What if the company you use to host your images, created a Facebook App tied to their gallery. When a friend of the Bride & Groom looks through their images, it pops up in their ticker that someone is viewing the photos. From there, one can click on the ticker and be taken to the images. FREE marketing for you. As of now.. I know of no company doing. I’d guess that developers are already working on it and we should expect it very soon! Companies such as Hulu & Netflix are already about to release Apps’ so you can watch movies within Facebook!

Now as a Photographer, how will this be used in your business?

Here are a few thoughts.

1) When we get an inquiry, first thing we do is go to Facebook and add them as a friend. This allows us to get more connected. Before, you really couldn’t get their life story. But now, when you add them for the first time, you can with Timeline. This is a CONVERSATION STARTER for you! You now know where they were 4 years ago, you know what they like & don’t like. Transparency.

1) Pages will get Timeline. It’s just a matter of time. I also believe that Pages will be connected to Profiles in a new way. We can also then make all the weddings & portrait sessions we post to our page a “featured event”. They’ll now stand out more than ever before. It’s more powerful than a Tumblr & feels like a safe place to give a scope into your world. You can feature an image from your latest shoot in the header. This allows you to stay relevant! There will be app’s that will come out soon that’ll change the way we serve our business on the web. Stay on your toes. It’s coming.

2) I’m still developing how we’ll use this in our business. The question really is.. How will our clients interact with our “pages”? When we tag them in images, they’ll have the new timeline. Will they make your photos the top featured event on their timeline? Think more of, “How can I get my clients to interact with their images on the timeline?” Also, the ticker will be your best friend. It will share your content to clients friends more than ever before. In a live stream, almost like twitter.

I’m staying on my toes. I’m going to go through all the past years of my timeline and take away items I forgot about that I don’t want shared. I’m going to choose other items to be featured. I’m also waiting for what is next. F8 is still going on right now and we may see more features coming soon. Get ready for more change. When it comes, immediately think of how you can benefit in your business from it.

Okay, one last thought. Are you seeing how awesome that top profile header is!!? Your clients can make your photography, the main thing on a profile. Similar to what I did with our pictures by Gray Photography. Now, friends can ask, “Who shot that awesome picture on your header? I can then promote our photographer.”

 If you’re looking to learn more about Facebook Pages and how they can be a benefit to your business. Get our webinar. With all these new changes coming, for those who purchase it now and purchased it in the past, a FREE webinar as a follow up explaining new Facebook Pages when they come will be exclusive for them.:)Get it here.