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There’s some people who, just by being around them, you get inspired. Jim Davis-Hicks is one of those people. He is a philanthropic photographer who not only shoots weddings, but saves lives by bringing water to people all over the world through his charity he started, Thirst Relief International. Through Thirst Relief, with just a $5 donation, you are able to give a child clean water for life.

Last week, Jim packed up his family and dog on a huge tour bus RV and have started a year-long adventure called “Thirst For More Tour” around the country speaking to different photography groups. He spoke at our Jacksonville Pictage User Group about photography, Thirst Relief and how to unlock your Passion, Purpose, Profit & Productivity. The next day he held an intimate gathering for a new group he calls “Fuel.”During Fuel, he really challenged us not only about photography related things, but about our true passions in life and ways that we each we destined to make a difference in the world.

We had the honor to take the family out for a portrait session one afternoon during their stay with us. They are absolutely true friends of ours forever!

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